30 Oklahoma City Area Teachers Receive $30,000 in School Supplies

OKLAHOMA CITY - Thirty Oklahoma City area teachers from seven school districts were honored on Saturday, as part of the “My Teacher, My Hero” initiative in cooperation with the Big 12 Conference, the Oklahoma City All-Sports Association and the College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation’s Extra Yard for Teachers program. Additionally, the teachers were each surprised with a $1,000 gift card from DonorsChoose.org that can be used for classroom supplies and equipment.

Earlier this year, kindergarten through sixth-grade students from seven districts in the Greater Oklahoma City area were encouraged to nominate a teacher for the “My Teacher, My Hero” program and explain why their teacher had made an impact on their lives. Over 1,600 nominations were submitted during the two-month contest.

The teachers were recognized at halftime of Saturday’s Phillips 66 Big 12 Women’s Basketball Championship quarterfinal matchup between Oklahoma and TCU at Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy Arena. Many of the educators were joined by their students for the ceremony. During the recognition, the Big 12 in cooperation with OKC All-Sports and the CFP Foundation presented each teacher with $1,000 gift cards for the classroom, totaling $30,000.

“The teaching profession has a profound impact on our society, and teachers do not get thanked enough for what they do,” said Big 12 Conference Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. “These 30 outstanding teachers are tremendous role models for our young people and are truly deserving of recognition.”

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Big 12 Conference and CFP Foundation’s Extra Yard for Teachers program, said All-Sports Executive Director, Tim Brassfield. “To be able to invest and support our local classrooms and teachers is very special. Congratulations to all the teachers and their students.”

Since the 2016 football season, the Big 12 and the CFP Foundation have donated DonorChoose.org gifts cards to over 200 teachers through the CFP Foundation’s Extra Yard for Teachers platform. Those educators were nominated by Big 12 Champions for Life student-athletes each of whom nominated a teacher who impacted them academically.

Twelve educators were honored from Oklahoma City Public Schools, followed by nine from Moore Public Schools. Other school districts included were Bethany (1), Enid (1), Mid-Del (2), Newcastle (3) and Norman (2).

The CFP Foundation is the charitable arm of the College Football Playoff, supporting education across the country. The CFP Foundation’s primary platform, Extra Yard for Teachers, elevates the teaching profession by inspiring and empowering teachers through the implementation of programs in four focus areas: resources, recognition, recruitment and professional development. The CFP Foundation utilizes multiple partnerships to execute its initiatives and support positive educational outcomes.

2018 “My Teacher, My Hero” Honorees

Teacher                                   School                                     District                        Grade
Kiley Donley                            Bethany Elementary              Bethany                       4th
Richele Irwin                           Adams                                     Enid                             4th
Kristy Bowen                           Jefferson                                 Norman                       1st
Tonya Stevenson-Ford             Lincoln                                     Norman                       4th
Pamela Allison                        Epperly Heights                       Mid-Del                       5th
Jessie Brown                           Midwest City Elementary       Mid-Del                       2nd
Rayni Zerm                              Broadmoore                            Moore                         6th
Philip Nguyen                          Bryant                                     Moore                         Music
Regina Anders                         Fairview                                  Moore                         5th
Jennifer Bishop                       Eastlake                                   Moore                         4th
Natalie Leach                          Heritage Trails                        Moore                         5th
Dr. Amara Lett Schook            Houchin                                   Moore                         6th
Karen Holsinger                      Sky Ranch                                Moore                         K
Kristin Kirch                             Timber Creek                          Moore                         Music
Emily Myers                            Wayland Bonds                       Moore                         1st
Mandi Hahn                            Newcastle Elementary            Newcastle                   3rd
Susan O’Brien                         Newcastle Elementary            Newcastle                   3rd
Karen Wynne                          Newcastle Elementary            Newcastle                   3rd
Hayley Young                          Adams                                     Oklahoma City             1st
Harold Smith                           Green Pastures                       Oklahoma City             K
Roxie Stiles                              Heronville                               Oklahoma City             K
Malorie Myers                        Jackson                                    Oklahoma City            3rd
Samantha O’Sheilds                Kaiser                                      Oklahoma City             4th
Gena Fincher                           Nichols Hills                            Oklahoma City             5th
James Poulin                           Prairie Queen                          Oklahoma City             3rd
Amanda Trimble                     Southern Hills                         Oklahoma City             5th
Jonathan Johnson                    Stand Watie                            Oklahoma City             4th
James Durley                           Telstar                                     Oklahoma City             5th
Irene Garcia Martinez            Van Buren                               Oklahoma City             2nd
Shawntae Ballard                   Willbrook                                Oklahoma City            5th