All-Sports Association is governed & directed by 41, non-compensated, board members. Each board member supports and represents the Mission, Vision and Core Values of this organization.


Greg Price
Vice President
United Petroleum Transport - CEO, President

Jeff Simpsen
Vice President
Quantum Co. - President

Michael Powers
Vice President
Ben E. Kieth - Assistant General Manager

Jason Roan
Prime Bank - Vice President

Steve Griffin
MidFirst Bank - Sr. Vice President

Dick Beshear
Immediate Past President
First Security Bank - President & CEO

Mark Williams
AT&T - External Affairs Director

Kevin Perry
Vice President
Perry Publishing and Broadcasting Co. - President


Full-time BOARD

Todd Archer, Dick Beshear, Tim Berney, Matt Bown, Gary Bridwell, Bill Bumpus, David Burget, Rob Cherry, Todd Currie, Chuck Davis, Don Douglas, Scott Douglas, Jim Dunlap, Chas Gilmore, Steve Griffin, Aaron Jack, Mark Kelly, Kieth Kersten, Dr. Michael Kiehn, Russ Koch, Tony Kyle, Randy Lewis, Daniel Medley, Trevor Nutt, Dr. Marion Paden, Kevin Perry, Michael Powers, Greg Price, Sandy Price, Jason Roan, Rob Roberts, Jeff Simpsen, Chase Webb, Ken Whittington, Jason Willeford, Eric Williams, Mark Williams, Robbie Williams, Jerry Young


Russell Lissuzzo, James Monsees, Jerry Wagner

Heritage Board

Mike Bohrofen, James Dickson, Dick Dugan, Walter Gillispie, Joe Groves, Sam Ott, John Philbin, Jack Thompson, Dale Vaughn, Ken Warner, Dr. Ken Whittington